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89.10 minutes
Premonition is a 1998 live CD and DVD by John Fogerty. He performs many hits by his earlier band, Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR), as well as songs composed during his period as a solo artist. It was recorded with a live audience at Warner Bros. Studios, Stage 15 on December 12 & 13th, 1997. The CD version omits 4 tracks that are available on the DVD.

John Fogerty Live - Premonition | Watch Concerts Online Free

track list
1."Born on the Bayou"
2."Green River"
3."Susie Q"
4."I Put a Spell on You"
5."Bring it Down to Jelly Roll"
6."Who'll Stop the Rain"
8."A Hundred and Ten in the Shade"
9."Almost Saturday Night"
10."Rockin' All Over the World"
11."Joy of My Life"
12."Down on the Corner"
14."Swamp River Days"
15."Hot Rod Heart"
16."The Old Man Down the Road"
18."Walking in a Hurricane"
19."Bad Moon Rising"
20."Fortunate Son"
21."Proud Mary"
22."Travelin' Band"

John Fogerty: guitar, vocals
Kenny Aronoff: drums
Bob Glaub: bass
Johnny Lee Schell: guitar, backing vocals
Michael Canipe: guitar, backing vocals
Julia Waters, Maxine Waters and Oren Waters: backing vocals on "Premonition", "Almost Saturday Night" and "Down on the Corner"
George Hawkins Jr.: bass on Fortunate Son
Source : Wikipedia
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