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Turn It On Again: The Tour was a 2007 concert tour of Europe and North America by progressive rock band Genesis. The tour was notable for the return of drummer and vocalist Phil Collins, who left the group in 1996.
The Tour Set list
Genesis playing "Los Endos" on Twickenham.During the initial London press conference, it was revealed that music dating back as far as 1973 would be performed on the tour, with the songs "Domino", "Afterglow", "In The Cage" and "Los Endos" cited as probable inclusions in the set. Rehearsal footage screened at the conference also showed the band working on "No Son Of Mine" and "Home By The Sea". It was confirmed that no material from the post-Collins album Calling All Stations would be performed, and that the group were "not planning" on playing their 1972 epic "Supper's Ready". It later evolved that a small piece of "Stagnation", from the pre-Collins album Trespass would be included as part of the "Firth of Fifth/I Know What I Like" medley (as it has been since their 1977 tour).
Genesis Live - Turn It On Again Watch Free Concert Videos

Track list
1."Duke's Intro"
2."Turn It on Again" §
3."No Son of Mine" §
4."Land of Confusion" §
5."In The Cage" § / "The Cinema Show" / "Duke's Travels"
6."Afterglow" §
7."Hold on My Heart"
8."Home By the Sea" § / "Second Home By the Sea"
9."Follow You Follow Me"
10."Firth of Fifth"
11."I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" § / "Stagnation" / "I Know What I Like" (Reprise)
12."Mama" §
13."Ripples" §
14."Throwing It All Away" §
15."Domino: Part 1 - In The Glow Of The Night, Part 2 - The Last Domino" §
16."Conversations with Two Stools" (Drum Duet)*
17."Los Endos"
18."Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" §
19."Invisible Touch" §
20."I Can't Dance" §
21."The Carpet Crawlers" §

§ - performed in a lower key to compensate for the deepening of Phil Collins's voice.

* Source : Wikipedia

Genesis Live - Turn It On Again Watch Free Concert Videos

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