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Britney Spears - Live From Miami was one of The Onyx Hotel Tour Concerts
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The Onyx Hotel Tour is the fourth concert tour by American singer Britney Spears. It supported her fourth studio album In the Zone (2003) and visited North America and Europe. A tour to promote the album was announced in December 2003. Its original name was the In the Zone Tour, but Spears was sued for trademark infringement and banned from using the name. Spears felt inspired to create a show with a hotel theme which she later mixed with the concept of an onyx stone. The stage, inspired by Broadway musicals, was less elaborate than her previous tours. The setlist was composed mostly by songs from In the Zone as well as some of her past songs reworked with different elements of jazz, blues and Latin percussion. Tour promoter Clear Channel Entertainment marketed the tour to a more adult audience than her previous shows while sponsor MTV highly promoted the tour on TV shows and the network's website.

Britney Spears - Live From Miami ( The Onyx Hotel Tour )- Watch free famous pop singer concert

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Track List:
01. Toxic
02. Overprotected
03. Boys
05. Showdown
06. Baby one more Time
07 Oops… I did it again
08. (You Drive Me) Crazy
09. Band Introduction
10. Everytime
11. Hook up
12. Slave 4U
13. Shadow
14. Touch of my hand
15. Breathe on me
16. Outrageous
17. Boom Boom
18. Dancers’ Introduction
19. Me against the music

The tour was divided into seven segments: Check-In, Mystic Lounge, Mystic Garden, The Onyx Zone, Security Cameras, Club and the encore. Check-In displayed performances with dance and advanced in the hotel theme. Mystic Lounge featured an homage to Cabaret and other musicals, while remixing some of Spears's early hits. Mystic Garden displayed a jungle-inspired stage. The Onyx Zone displayed a ballad performance with acrobats. Security Cameras was the raciest part of the show, with Spears and her dancers emulating different sexual practices. Club displayed a performance with urban influences. The encore consisted of a system malfunction interlude and Spears performed wearing a red ensemble. The tour received mixed reviews from contemporary critics, who praised it for being an entertaining show while criticizing it for looking " like a spectacle than an actual concert ".

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Britney Spears - Live From Miami ( The Onyx Hotel Tour )| Watch free famous pop singer concert

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