Air Supply - The Definitive Collecton - The best solf rock band

77.16 min
The Definitive Collection is a compilation album by Australian best soft rock band Air Supply, released in 1999. The compilation contains each of the band's songs which reached top 40 on charts, the original version of "Lost in Love", and the single from the film Ghostbusters, "I Can Wait Forever". The compilation has notes from Russell and Hitchcock for each song. A DVD along with the compilation was later released.

Air Supply - The Definitive Collecton 1

Track listing 25.07 minutes
"Lost In Love" (Russell)
"All Out of Love" (Davis, Russell)
"Every Woman in the World" (Bugatti, Musker)
"The One That You Love" (Russell)
"Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)" (Sallitt)
"Sweet Dreams" (Russell)

Air Supply - The Definitive Collecton 2

Track listing 32.56 minutes
"Even the Nights Are Better" (Bell, Skinner, Wallace)
"Making Love out of Nothing at All" (Steinman)
"Just as I Am" (Hegel, Wagner)
"Power Of Love"
"Lonely In The Night"
"Keeping The Love Alive"
"One More Chang"
"Now and Forever" (Russell)

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Air Supply is a soft rock duo who had a succession of hits worldwide through the late 1970s and early 1980s. It consists of British guitarist and vocalist Graham Russell (born Graham Cyril Russell, 11 June 1950, Sherwood, Nottingham, England, UK) and Australian lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock (born Russell Charles Hitchcock, 15 June 1949, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

Air Supply website http://www.airsupply-online.com
Air Supply - The Definitive Collecton - The best solf rock band

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