Jean Luc Ponty - Live In Concert - The best jazz violinist

Jean-Luc Ponty (born September 29, 1942, Avranches, France) is a virtuoso French violinist and jazz composer.

In 1967 he visited the USA for the Monterey Jazz Festival and then made an appearance on Frank Zappa's Hot Rats album.

10 miutues

In 1977 he pioneered the use of the 5-string electric violin, with a lower C string. He sometimes also uses a 6-string electric violin called the Violectra, with low C and F strings – not to be confused with the violectra he played from the late 1960s to the mid-80s which had 4 strings, but tuned an octave lower. Ponty was among the first to combine the violin with MIDI, distortion boxes, phase shifters, and wah-wah pedals. This resulted in his signature, almost synthesizer-like sound.

Jean Luc Ponty In Concert - caracas HQ
8.05 minutes

In 2005 Ponty formed the acoustic fusion supergroup TRIO! with legendary bassist Stanley Clarke and Banjo virtuoso B?la Fleck.

Jean Luc Ponty - enigmatic ocean party II - HQ
6.26 minutes

Jean Luc Ponty website http://www.ponty.com
Jean Luc Ponty - Live In Concert - The best jazz violinist

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