Julian Bream - J.S Bach - Violin Sonata fugue

Julian Bream (born July 15, 1933) is a internationally celebrated British guitarist and lutenist. Among his other accomplishments, he has been successful in the renewal of interest in the Renaissance lute.

Bream was born in London and brought up in a very musical environment. His father played jazz guitar and the young Bream was impressed by hearing the playing of Django Reinhardt. He was encouraged to play the piano but also the guitar (though using a plectrum). On his 11th birthday, Bream was given a classical guitar by his father. He became something of a child prodigy, at 12 winning a junior exhibition award for his piano playing, enabling him to study piano and cello at the Royal College of Music. He made his debut guitar recital at Cheltenham in 1947, aged 13.

Julian Bream - J.S Bach-Violin Sonata fugue

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