James Galway - The Lord of The Rings

Sir James Galway (informally known as Jimmy) (born December 8, 1939) is a Northern Ireland-born virtuoso flute player from Belfast, often called The Man With the Golden Flute. Following in the footsteps of Jean-Pierre Rampal, he became one of the first flute players to establish an international career as a soloist. Queen Elizabeth II knighted him in June 2001.
He plays a golden flute that was handcrafted for him by the Nagahara team.
He is also president of a global organization called Flutewise, run by Liz Goodwin

James Galway website http://www.thegalwaynetwork.com/index.html

James Galway-The Lord Of The Rings

Sir James Galway plays music from "The Lord of The Rings". That sound was so beautiful.

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